Are you curious about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Would you like to learn more about this incredible martial art? Are you wondering how to get started? Here is your opportunity, and it is absolutely FREE!!!

We want to give you an oppertunity to try DM BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU ACADEMY for FREE! There is no catch! There is nothing to sign or buy. We are seriously that confident. If after your FREE TRIAL you don’t like our program, you can walk away.

And Check This out! There is more!
     In addition to your FREE TRIAL CLASS you will also receive...

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“After my 10 day free introductory, I seriously felt like a whole new world had just opened up for me. Professor Dimitrios and the assistant instructors made me feel secure and all the concerns I had about joining a BJJ Team/Academy were gone. I knew I was in the right place. DMBJJ is very family oriented, and I like that. I can learn on my own pace and with focus on my needs. I wish I could have found this place earlier.“

-James Montelongo

It's perfect for you because...

1) No Previous Experience Required! ANYONE can try no matter what age! (age 5 - 65)
2) The Fundamental class is designed for students with low to moderate fitness levels and are trained accordingly;
3) Its a positive and friendly environment both on and off our mats. We are all friends helping each other as a team;
4) Distinguished and World Class Instructors: Unlike other schools, DM Jiu-Jitsu students are taught by a Machado Certified BJJ Black Belt with over 15 years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition and teaching experience. Our Black Belts and instructors are more than just present, they teach full time and further available for individual instructions.
* Please note: other schools do NOT have top Black Belts teaching full time, or even on the mat.*

For Your First Class

    If it’s your first or Introductory class, it's best to arrive 15 minutes early 
    so you can receive proper attention;
    Please arrive in comfortable yet durable gear. ( T-shirt, surf shorts)
    Avoid eating 30 minutes before class. If you decide to eat, opt for light   
    foods or snacks;
    Please get familiar with our academy’s rules! take a look at the Dojo  
    Etiquette and the Student’s Guideline;
    Please arrive showered and with clean cut fingernails as you will be in 
    close contact while grappling with other students.
    Please bring a hand towel and feel free to bring your own water or sports   
    drink but if you forget we do offer refreshments at the academy.
    Please don’t forget your smile, because you are going to have A LOT of          FUN !

Schedule your FREE TRIAL today!

Our free intro classes can be scheduled at any time that is convenient for you. If you do not have a Judo/Jiu-Jitsu uniform yet then please wear something comfortable and durable to work out in (board shorts/T-shirt). We do also offer the option of a loaner Gi which is available for a small fee of $5. Also please wear flip flops, sandals, or shoes because DM Jiu-Jitsu Academy would like to keep our mats clean as possible so when you are off the mats you must wear something on your feet.

To schedule your FREE TRIAL CLASS please call us at Tel: (310) 800-5878 or you can write us an email at DMavBJJ@gmail.com. Please include your full name, age, phone number, date of desired appointment, the level of class you are interested, and any previous martial arts training experience (if any). Also feel free to include any questions you may have regarding our Academy. We will reply to you as fast as possible with an approval of your request for your FREE TRAINING SPECIAL.

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